Friday, April 2, 2010

Bush Billboards Around the World

To mark the approaching end of a political era, Billboardom presents a collection of billboards featuring Our Leader (Orlando, 2004).

A billboard for Animal Planet in Buenos Aires.

Anti-Bush billboard in Phoenix.

A billboard for a liberal radio network (via lvb).

A billboard by Naked (NZ).

One of many anti-Bush billboards in Havana (see the fangs up close).

New York, 2004

Bush-Cheney campaign billboard, 2004

Georgia welcomes Bush, 2005

A billboard by the Obama campaign in Minneapolis-St.Paul, 2008.

A bit of culture jamming in Australia.

... and in San Francisco.

Little Brother is Watching, Boston

A billboard outside Crawford, Texas.

A billboard in Toronto.

A billboard for an Australian real estate company.

Hell Pizza in New Zealand.

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